Our Products

Cotton Seed Cakes by SRNK is a popular cattle feed among farmers and dairy owners  due to its quality, cost effectiveness and considerable improvement in the milk production. Manufactured using high quality raw material, our Cotton Seed Cakes are superior in quality and are most appropriate feed for your cattle. With close to 8% oil content, our cotton seed cakes are known for improving the fat content in the cattle produce and have been proven to improve milk production.

Our production process is monitored closely and the produce is tested at each stage to keep a tap on the nutritional value of the products. Starting from the stage of raw material procurement to the packing of cakes, we follow stringent processes and ensure premium product quality at all times.

Pure & Natural

Our cotton seed cakes are 100% natural and are made purely from cotton seeds. We do not add any type of toxins or chemicals.

PP Bag Packing

In  Rajasthan, we are pioneers in introducing the PP packing bags for cotton seed cakes enabling easy storage and handling. This also helps in safeguarding the cakes against rain water.

Superior Quality

Our cotton seed cakes are highly dissoluble. When immersed in water, they expand and quickly dissolves in water.

Round the Year Availability

Leveraging on our industry relations, we procure fresh cotton seeds round the year and supply fresh cotton seed cakesensuring consistent quality to our customers through out the year.

Best Feed for Cattle

Cotton seed Cakes are the ideal feed for cattle.  With an oil content of approximatly 8%, our cotton seed cakes helps in improving the fat content of milk considerably and increases the milk production of cattle.

Several Packing Options

We suppky cotton seed cakes in 3 types of packing to suit the varied needs of our customers. Our cakes are available in the following sizes:

1. 50Kg PP Bag Packing

2. 60 Kg Bags

3. 100 Kg Bags